Our Company

Company Overview

PT Urogen Advanced Solutions

  • Established in 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Distributor of medical devices, implants and disposables
  • Board of Directors
    • Commisioner: Dr. Andy Wijaya Sp. Rad
    • President Director: Sugiono Budhi
  • Headquarter: Jakarta, Indonesia

Urogen is a medical device distribution company established in 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our founders, healthcare industry veterans and entrepreneurs, had set up the company to bridge the healthcare access and innovation gaps in Indonesia. The name “Urogen” was created due to our initial focus on providing Urology and Gynaecology solutions, but we have now expanded into Neurology, Orthopedic, and Diagnostic Imaging solutions to meet the country’s growing demand in healthcare.

With a bigger portfolio that includes global healthcare brands, our mission remains to equip medical practitioners with advanced healthcare solutions. This ties into our vision of becoming the most reliable partner for medical experts all around Indonesia in boldly leveraging innovative and emergent healthcare solutions, and in ultimately giving our community the best possible care.

Our mission and vision

We have the mission to give and support for the most advanced solutions in medical practice in relation to our vision where medical specialties will never have a limit of emergent into the unrestrained boundaries.

Our main goals is to create the expert for current to future specialize solutions in the medical fields and to provide better quality of life for the community.

Company Milestones


Appointed as Exclusive Distributor of Urology Implant from American
Medical System (AMS).


Appointed as Exclusive Distributor of Aesculap Spine and Neurosurgical
Implants and Disposables.


Appointed as Exclusive Distributor for Siemens ESWL.


Appointed as Exclusive Distriibutor for Alpinion USG – Korea. Achieved sales
target of USD 600k.


Appointed as Exclusive Distributor of Siemens C-Arm.


Achieved Alpinion sales target of USD 1.1 million. PageSpeed score & 89% YSlow Score


Appointed as Exclusive Distributor of Siemens USG. Achieved sales target of
USD 2 million.


Appointed as Exclusive Distributor of Infinitt PACS – Korea.


Achieved sales target for Siemens USG USD 2.3 million.

Oct 2017

Appointed as Exclusive Distributor for GE BMD and as authorized distributor
for GE MRI and CT Scan.

Dec 2017

Urogen signed strategic partnership with a public listed company name PT.
Erajaya Swasembada Tbk.

July 2018

Appointed as authorized distributor of Agfa Healthcare for East Java, Central
Java and Kalimantan.

Company Structure


Erajaya Swasembada Tbk.


Dr. Andy Wijaya Sp. Rad


Tripatria Andalan Medika


Sim Chee Ping

Dr. Andy Wijaya Sp. Rad


Sugiono Budhi

Syaiful Hayat

About Erajaya

Establised in 1996, PT Erajaya Swasembada Tbk (“Erajaya”) is more than just
one of the largest and fully integrated mobile telecommunications devices
importer, distribution and retail companies in Indonesia. It is admittely one of
the most trusted companies in its business in Indonesia.
Erajaya engages in the import, distribution and retail of mobile
telecommunication devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, subscriber
identity module card (SIM Card), mobile network operator voucher top-up,
accessories, and gadgets such as computers and other electronic devices.
At the end of 2011, Erajaya conducted IPO, selling 31.7% of its stock. With stock
code ERAA, Erajaya was officially listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange.
The total percentage of the company’s shares released to the public as end of
2012 was recorded 40.03%.