Thank you for your interest in Clarius.
We're delighted to announce that our next generation of handheld ultrasound

Clarius HD is available through our authorized exclusive distributor, Urogen. We will follow up shortly with your ultrasound needs. I’d invite you to try the Clarius Virtual Demo by downloading the app onto your Apple or Android smart device. The app is free and allows you to assess the features and functionality of the unit.

Excellence of Clarius
  1. Smaller and lighter – 40% lighter and smaller, shaped like a traditional transducer
  2. Best value for handheld ultrasound – Clarius HD scanners come with a 3 years standard warranty, no hidden fees or mandatory subscription, unlimited users, unlimited cloud storage and premium performance
  3. Improved connectivity – Faster boot up time, usually below 20 seconds, and improved WiFi management for reliable real-time imaging.
  4. Improved imaging – powered by our Octal Beamforming technology, provides imaging comparable to cart-based systems, with 8 times the processing power of other handhelds.
  5. New cooling system – integrated cooling lets you scan continuously for up to 45 mins
  6. Six new models including two multipurpose options – one of which is a phased array model, enabling excellent cardiac imaging

If you could provide us with some additional information that would be great!

  1. Are you currently using ultrasound?
  2. What type of exams do you wish to perform with the Clarius?
  3. Are you in the market to purchase an ultrasound device? If so, what is your timeline to purchase?

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