INFINITT Highlights

INFINITT Healthcare has been awarded the Category Leader 10 times in the Best in KLAS for PACS.

We strive to develop a faster, more intuitive, and easier-to-use PACS that reflects our customers’ needs and feedback.

2018~19 : Category Leader in Community Hospital & Imaging Center/Ambulatory segments (Ranked No.1)
2017 : Category Leader in Community Hospital segment (Ranked No.1)
2015/16 : Category Leader in Community & Ambulatory Hospital segments (Ranked No.1)
2013 : Category Leader in Ambulatory Hospital segment (Ranked No.1)
2009~12 : Category Leader in Community Hospital segment (Ranked No.1)


INFINITT contributes to mankind’s health
through analysis of meaningful data.

We draw actionable insights from medical data,
advancing healthcare services and ultimately the health of mankind.

Radiology PACS


AI-empowered, intelligent PACS
A new assistant for radiologists
AI Image Analysis
  • Supports AI-enabled analysis of abnormalities in chest X-ray, lung CT, mammo, brain MRI, ophthalmology, endo, etc.
Automatic Task Prioritization
  • Manages reading priorities by analyzing user schedules, workloads, study urgency and importance
Faster Image Loading
  • JIT (Just-In-Time) image loading
  • Progressive loading
  • Oncall download
  • 64-bit support
Easier Image Comparison
  • Provides an entire timeline of a patient’s studies in chronological order
  • Enables users to select frequently used layouts and view modes as they drag & drop images onto the viewer
  • Automatically synchronizes the same part of the current and prior images
  • Provides all lesion findings and measurements in tables/graphs
Integrated Access to Subspecialty Images
  • Displays mammo, 3D, CT-PET fusion images on a single viewer
  • Provides a special keypad, user-defined layouts and modes for mammo & breast tomo
Conference Management
  • Manages conference data by date and patient
  • Saves images with their monitor layouts, study information and annotations,for a quick access during conferences.
Real-time Image Sharing
  • Enables real-time image sharing and discussions between users
  • Safely sends images over email or URL links via data anonymization and encryption
Robust Stability
  • Guarantees zero downtime support
  • Provides robust, reliable data backup and backup loading
Robust Security
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • DICOM TLS (Transport Layer Security)
  • 6-level long reinforcement & audit trails

Radiology Information Solution


Improve Your Workflow to the Next Level
Flexible & Scalable Architecture
  • Optimized for any facility type and workflow
  • Provides customizable worklists
Easy & Smart Scheduling
  • Supports easy and intuitive scheduling for multiple procedures across different facilities
  • Recommends available exam time for each procedure
Customizable Reporting
  • Provides user-defined templates via MS Word
  • Automates report distribution via print, fax, email, and SMS
Physician Portal
  • Enables referring physicians to remotely place orders and access reports and images online from anywhere, anytime
Patient Portal
  • Enables patients to access their medical records and request appointments online
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified
Mammo Portal & Lung Portal
  • Tracks and manages the results of breast and lung cancer treatments

Radiation Dose Management Solution


Radiation Dose Reduces by 13%

(Mean Effective Dose of CT – Abdomen studies between the 1st and the 4th quarter of 2015, Source: Seoul National University Hospital)

Intuitive Statistics & Reports
  • Users can view and search dose data by patient, study, body part, age, gender, modality, etc.
  • Patient Dose Report informs patients of their cumulative dose.
  • Examination Report is used for monitoring and research purposes
Organ Dose & Peak Skin Dose
  • Calculates organ dose using human phantoms with the patient’s specific body conditions (sex, age, pregnancy, etc.)
  • Calculates skin dose using a 2D map
Effective DRL Management
  • Sends automatic email alerts when dose exceeds the DRL (Diagnostic Reference Levels)
SSDE (Size Specific Dose Estimate)
  • Incorporates patient size into the calculation, increasing the overall accuracy of dose estimates
Dose Management by Institution
  • Manages dose by different institution codes within a hospital group
Nuclear Medicine
Study Management
  • Manages nuclear medicine study information such as radioactive isotope, half life, injection volume, etc.
Protocol Management
  • Provides protocols optimized for each device

Fault Prevention Solution


Guarantees Stable PACS Operation 24/7/365
Downtime Prevention
  • Provides real-time monitoring and email notification of the system resources and performance
Self Recovery
  • Provides automatic service recovery and real-time monitoring of server hardware, network, PACS, and failover clustering status
PACS Monitoring
  • Provides automatic monthly service reports on the system usage and event logs collected from FPS agent on each server
Customizable Administrator Page
  • Users can view PACS usage status on the web-based administrator page and customize the UI settings.
Seamless Patient Care
  • 24/7/365 stable PACS operation ensures seamless patient care and business continuity.

Mobile Viewer

INFINITT Mobile Viewer

View Images Anytime from Anywhere on a Mobile Device
Real-time Image Access
  • Radiologists can view patient images and reports in real time via iPhones, iPads, and any other mobile devices.
Enhanced Radiologist-Physician Communication
  • Radiologists can consult with referring physicians anytime, from anywhere.
Prompt Emergency Response
  • Physicians can take prompt actions as they can view patient records from anywhere.
Enhanced Physician-Patient Interaction
  • Physicians can discuss treatment status and options with patients while looking at exam results together.
Convenient Viewing Features
  • Window, Zoom, Pan, Hounsfield unit, Cineplay, and measurement tools
Robust Security
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Shared data is encrypted.

Mammography PACS


Optimized Viewing Mode with Hanging Protocols for Mammo Images
Mammography-exclusive PACS
  • A single login access to digital mammography, breast MRI, US, and Tomosynthesis images
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
  • Comparison of mammo and tomosynthesis images taken in the same position improves diagnostic accuracy.
CAD Overlays
  • Digital mammography CAD findings identify regions of interest, improving the detection of abnormalities.
Customizable Viewing Layout
  • Viewing layout can be customized by each user or user group.
  • MLO, CC, Tomo images and current, prior study images can be viewed on an user-defined layout.
Hanging Protocols
  • Mammography hanging protocol loop sequence enables users to compare current and prior study images in an user-defined order.
Consistent Data Quality
  • Offers the option to store original data without compression for consistent, reproducible quality

Cloud PACS


Cost-Efficient Cloud PACS Service Tailored to Your Clinic
  • Charged only for the amount of image stored
  • No need for initial IT infrastructure, hardware setup, or any operating staff
Technical Support
  • INFINITT engineers provide regular system check-ups, data back-ups, and emergency on-call services.
Easy Access
  • Enables image access anytime from any Internet-connected environment
Robust Security
  • Prevents data loss and minimizes security risks via encryption and intrusion prevention system
Up-to-date PACS
  • Provides access to the latest version of award-winning INFINITT PACS at all times
Remote Reading
  • Improves diagnostic accuracy and turnaround time

TeleRadiology Solution

INFINITT TeleRadiology

Enjoy High Quality Remote Reading
through INFINITT TeleRadiology
High Quality Reading
  • Connects physicians with experienced radiologists from each specialty for high quality reading services
Emergency Cases
  • Provides temporary reading services for emergency cases and in the absence of on-site radiologists
Technical Support
  • Provides regular system check-ups and emergency on-call services
Robust Security
  • Prevents data loss and minimizes security risks via encryption and intrusion prevention system
Up-to-date PACS
  • Provides access to the latest version of award-winning INFINITT PACS at all times
  • IHE
  • HL7